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                  Principal Cindy Harrison 
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Principal: Cindy Harrison 

Vice Principal:  Tanya Beverley

Attendance Clerk: Yolanda Beltran

Secretary: Herlinda Skokan

A_message_from_Mrs._Harrison:_(Week_of_5/4) Card IconA message from Mrs. Harrison: (Week of 5/4)

In terms of yearbooks, textbooks and locker room items, we will designate a few days at the end of May or first part of June to pick up or drop off those items. 
8th graders. Please know we haven’t forgotten about you! We are still waiting on information from the district regarding our options for promotion. We will most certainly keep our families in the loop as information becomes available. We just don’t have any definite answers right now. 
In the meantime, we have started our second week of distance learning. Devices are still available from the district if you need one. Teachers have their google classrooms and class codes posted on the RLPA website. Please make sure you’re turning in assignments and working hard to improve your grades. 
This is also teacher appreciation week. We’re sad we can’t celebrate our amazing staff, but if you get a second to send an email to your favorite teacher, I know they would love to hear from you! 
-Mrs. Harrison

A_message_from_Mrs._Harrison:_(Week_of_4/20) Card IconA message from Mrs. Harrison: (Week of 4/20)

Hello Squire Families,
We know that we will be out the remainder of the 19-20 school year.  This is sad and frustrating for us all, but we must do our part to keep ourselves and each other safe.
Students – make sure you are checking your teachers office hours or Google Classroom daily.  If you are struggling to access or complete work, reach out to your teachers.  We are all here for you.  You are not going to have to repeat the year because of COVID-19.  BUT you may have to repeat coursework if you do not complete your assignments.  Your coursework is something you can take control of -- make sure you put in your best effort. Now the opportunity exists to have the best grades possible. Students, remember that when you are working online you are still responsible for adhering to the Twin Rivers USD Acceptable Use Policy. 
Parents & Students – If you are struggling to cope with this, you are not alone.  This is really hard on all members of our families every day.  Remember that Mrs. Dickerson, school counselor, and Ms. Phillips, school Psychologist, are still here for you.  You can contact them for help if needed; their office hours are posted. 
Please check back here for future announcements regarding yearbook pickup, textbook drop off, registration, etc. We will continue to add updates as the district and government agencies make decisions regarding social distancing.
If you have any questions, please email me at
Please stay safe and healthy. I look forward to the day that we are able to resume activities as normal.
Mrs. Harrison