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Rio Linda Preparatory Academy is proud to have a number of different athletic activities offered to our students year round. Students have various opportunities to work with another on sport specific teams building stamina, endurance, collaboration, and work ethic. We hope to have our students reach their highest goals not only academically, but also physically through our rigorous sports programs. 



Student Athlete Code of Conduct


RLPA believes that athletic participation is an integral part to the common mission of our school and is viewed as an extension of our overall school programs. We hold the philosophy that participation in interscholastic athletics should be enjoyable with the purpose of benefiting students. Our sports league is developmental and competitive with goals of fostering the value of participation without overemphasizing winning. Additional goals of the league are to develop skills and an understanding of the chosen sport, develop an appreciation and respect for a team, as well as school, opponents, and officials.




RLPA has high expectations for our student athletes. Joining a team is a commitment that you are making to your coaches, teammates and to yourself.  Any violation of these rules will result in a suspension from games until the expectation is met OR dismissal from the team.

  • You are expected to be responsible. You will attend every practice and come prepared in practice attire (practice days, times and locations will be set by the coach).
  • You are expected to be respectful. You will come to practice ready and willing to work hard. You will treat your teammates, coaches and opposing team with consideration. You will be a team player at all times and leave negativity outside of practice and games. 
  • You are expected to be safe. You are to follow your coach's directions at all times. You are to obey the rules of the game as outlined by the referees.
  • You are expected to be successful. You will maintain grades of C-'s or better in ALL classes. You will attend all classes, on time. You will display a high standard of citizenship. You will also attend Study Tables from 1:30-3:15 pm on Wednesdays and your grades will be checked weekly. 
  • If your grades fall below a C- in any class, or if you do not attend Wednesday Study Tables, you will not participate until AFTER the following grade check at Study Tables.  This means that you will not participate in the Thursday or Tuesday between study tables.

Students are required to make up any work they may miss due to games. It is the student's responsibility to collect all work they will be missing prior to leaving for a game; additionally, the student needs to turn in work due for the classes they will be missing before leaving for the game.

All athletes must have a sports physical in order to tryout, practice, and play. No exceptions!




Student athletes should be leaders on campus. Therefore, they will be held to a higher standard of citizenship. If the student athlete receives any of the below infractions, the consequences are as follows:

  • Suspension from School- Dismissal from the team.
  • Fight in a game- Dismissal from the Team.
  • Poor behavior - Student will not be able to participate in the following weeks games until their behavior is improved.

The administration has the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case situation.




In order to participate in school-day practice or game, the athlete must be in attendance for a minimum of four periods. Field trips, Alternative Learning Experiences, concurrent enrollment, medical/dental appointments (with a note from the medical/dental office), and/or family situations may be excused by an administrator.




Tardy 1           Teacher consequence

Tardy 2           Teacher phone call home

Tardy 3           Community Service (30 minutes)

Tardy 4           After school detention (1 hour)

Tardy 5           Admin meeting & phone call home / Saturday school assigned

Tardy 6          Student is placed on the non-privilege list

Student is restricted from participation in school dances, rallies, athletics and other school related activities.


** Students arriving more than 15 minutes late will need to report to the main office to check-in.

** Tardy count resets at the start of each quarter.

** Attending Saturday School will reduce the student tardy count by four.  




The student athlete will be loaned a uniform to be worn during the season and then returned. These uniforms are very expensive and team members and their parents/guardians are asked that they are treated with care. Athletes and their parents/guardians will be responsible to replace any uniform that is lost or damaged.



Signing below signifies that you and your parent/guardian have read and understand the Student Athlete Code of Conduct for participating in team sports at Rio Linda Preparatory Academy.




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                  Student Athlete Signature                                       Date



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Athlete Academic Training

Wednesday Study Tables



1. ALL STUDENTS MUST be in their assigned seats and working.

2. ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE their books, notebooks, writing utensils available and ready.

3. ALL STUDENTS MUST bring work to Wednesday Study Tables. If work is finished students must take out a book and quietly read, unless given permission by staff to do otherwise.

4. Be Safe, Responsible, and Respectful always.

9. The Chrome Book Lab is for school work only; games are not allowed.

10. Music use it at the discretion of staff, students must have headphones, and not be distracting.

11. ONLY one male or one female will be given permission to leave at a time to the restroom or to get a drink of water, students must have a pass.


Failure to follow these rules can result in loss of being able to practice, suspensions from games, being released from the team, as well as other school consequences.


Signing below signifies that you and your parent/guardian have read and understand the expectations for our Athlete Academic Training: Wednesday Study Tables at Rio Linda Preparatory Academy.





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