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Fall Dance 10/26/22

From_12:45_to_2:30_in_RLPA_Cafeteria_and_Quad Card Icon
From 12:45 to 2:30 in RLPA Cafeteria and Quad

Only RLPA students are invited.
To leave early, students must be picked up by parent with ID.
Dress Code still applies.

Cost:_200_Squire_points Card Icon
Cost: 200 Squire points

Use your Squire Rewards points to enter the dance. 
You must have at least 200 Squire points for entry, but we will refund them to you.

Earn_Squire_Points! Card Icon
Earn Squire Points!

There are many opportunities to earn points this week! 
You can earn 50 points for helping your family to turn in documents this week.
Also earn points each day in PE and by participating in Red Ribbon Week.